Friday, February 27, 2015

The Game VS. The Poets!

UK's The Game and Scotland's The Poets. Two of my favorite mid-60's short-lived freakbeat groups go head-to-head, giving it their all in a battle to the bands – Right here on Nitro-Retro. Who will come out on top? You decide! DIGIT!

The Game VS The Poets 2015

The Game
1. "It's Shocking What They Call Me"
2. "Gotta Wait"
3. "Help Me Mummy's Gone"

The Poets
1. "Miss Queen Bee"
2. "That's The Way It's Got To Be"
3. "Wooden Spoon"



Saturday, February 21, 2015

Who's Ready For Spring MIx

Who's ready for Springtime? I know all you eager misfits out there are!
So with that in mind, here's a little mp3-mix sure to heat up your dancefloor and melt some of that old snow outside too. So put a log on the fire and shutup!
You can play and/or download it right now!! DIG*IT!

Ready for Spring Mix 2015

1. Mickey Baker - "Baia"
2. Question Mark And The Mysterians - "Don't Tease Me"
3. Flat Duo Jets - "The Dainty Song"
4. Avantis - "Gypsy Surfer"
5. Undertakers - "It's My Time"
6. Renegades - "Unchain My Heart'"
7. Jefferson Airplane - "The Last Wall of The Castle"
8. Sam Gopal - "Midsummer Night's Scene"
9. Peabody Hermitage - "Something So"
10. Kinoco Hotel - "Mushroom Hotels"
11. Shirley Basie - "The Liquidator"
12. Nina Simone - "See Line Woman"
13. Village Callers - "I Dont Need No Doctor"

Why these songs? Read ON!
1. Out of the chilly cold storm sounds of winter comes Mickey Baker whom I just recently discovered. (Thanks Surfadelic! Get it here.) I think I read this fellow's sound may have influenced The (UK) Shadows. Love the tremelo-echo on the instrumental "Baia".
2. This simple, short little ditty just might be my favorite Question Mark & Mysterians tune.
3. I love just about everything by The Flat Duo Jets/Dexter.
4. I love that before Redbone of "Come and Get Your Love" fame, were The Advantis who specialized in L.A. Latino Surf! Pat & Lolly Vegas!
5. I love the flip-side of The Undertakers "Unchain My Heart" single, the more texas-psychedelic "It's My Time".
6. Speaking of "Unchain My Heart", dig the UK's Renegades rather cool & reserved version.
7. OK, so I'm a big fan of Jefferson Airplane's "Surrealistic Pillow" LP. But I recently discovered this acid-punk album cut on their follow-up LP, "Bathing at Baxters" from 1968.
8. Sam Gopal = early Lemmy from Motorhead. Dig.
9. I know no clue who The Peaboby Hermitage were but I dig thier fuzzbox.
9. I just discovered this all-girl Japanese band! Dig that scream into the guitar solo!!!!!#@?!!!
10. This song is so extreme James Bond-like; especially wth Shirley Bassie on the mic. From a 1965 spy-flick starring Rod Taylor. : LOve it.
11. Dig this African-soul trance flute-workout by Miss Simone.
12. Keep on dancin' cuz "You Dont Need No Doctor!"

** ! UPDATE ! ** Nitro-Retro is now on MixCloud! Check it out:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Set List #1

Click to listen, or Download here:

Working Set List:

1. "Celestial Empire" - Dragonfly
2. "Unchain My Heart" - Undertakers
3. "She Cools My Mind" - Streys
4. "Dont Send Me No Flowers" - Breakers
5. "Too Many People" - Leaves
6. "I Can Never Say" - Pretty Things
7. "Diddy Wah Diddy" - Cap't Beefheart & Magic Band
8. "1-2-5" - Haunted
9. "Have Love Will Travel" - Sonics
10. "Skinny Minny" - Sonics
11. "Lies" - Knickerbockers
12. "Sorry" - Easybeats

Monday, February 9, 2015

I Aint Dead Yet! (Dont Send Me No Flowers)

Most of you loyal readers know the great Breakers version (here).
But these young lads took this tune down to a more rougher side of town.
They were members of the Zay-Dee studio band and a Northern Arkansas college dude pulled together to form The Blue and the Gray.
They laid down this primitive cover of The Gentry's tune, "Dont Send Me No Flowers (I Aint Dead Yet) in Batesville, ARNANSAS - 1966.  
Only two copies of the original 45 are known to exist! DIG!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Three Dog Night au Go-Go!

Here are some songs I was fairly surprised about, especially coming from The Three Dog Night. All 3 of these sunset-strip-twisters are off their first self-entitled album from 1968.
The original Three Dog Night Band was a bit of a Los Angeles super-group/novelty whereas they were fronted by three lead singers! Danny Hutton, Cory Wells, and Chuck Negron.
I'm also including "Mo Jo Woman" by Cory Wells' first group The Enemys. (A popular mid-60's LA group who appeared in not only The Riot on Sunset Strip, but on an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies! see video below.)
Also I'm including Danny Hutton's early 'sunshine-pop' solo single, "Roses & Rainbows".

You gotta dig these Utube videos of the boys singing, groovin and gettin' down on these songs for Hugh Hefner and the Playboy party-people!

Click to listen, or Download here:

(Skip to 3:31)